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Ten Ways to make your side or back gate to your property more secure this winter.

Thursday, 8 November 2018  |  Jane




  • Use a proper gate lock a Long Throwgate Lock which has a stainless steel bar to secure your gate whilst still allowing keyed access from either side.

  • If you can't afford to put a proper gate lock on your gate always fit two padbolts, one at the top and one at the bottom, this stops intruders from leaning over and easily unlocking your gate.

  • Unless absolutely necessary ensure your hinges are on the inside of the gate and properly secured so that they cannot be removed easily.

  • Ensure your gate is well maintained, a regular coat of a spirit based preservative will increase the durabilty of the timber used and keep it stronger for longer.

  • Always replace or repair a damaged gate, a visibly weakened gate will  seem an easier target for intruders.

  • Select a gate which is well made, with strong mortice and tenon joints, hardwood dowels with thick frame and bracing timbers.

  • Consider using security strips on top of your gate to deter people from climbing over it.



  • If using pin type hinges ensure one pin faces up and one down so that your gate cannot be simply lifted off the hinges.

  • Many people install a gate when a low fence meets a higher one. This makes it easy for burglars to climb onto the lower fence and over the gate. Remove the lower fence and perhaps replace with low shrubs. Where this is not possible, police websites recommend that you use a transitional or curved panel.

  • Make sure awkward gaps at the edge of your gate are filled properly.


For advice on ordering gates from our website please do give us a ring on 01787 224848. 

Our gates are manufactured in the Colne Valley and we fit our gates throughout East Anglia and parts of London.

Tuesday, 13 January 2015  |  Jane
Friday, 15 November 2013  |  Jane

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Engraved Field Gates

We are now offering Engraving on our 5 Bar and Hook Gates.

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Hand made house signs are now available to match all our gates.  Routered with up to 10 letters and treated to match your gates they add a personalised touch to the entrance of your property.