Gate Automation

All of our gates are suitable for use with traditional automation systems.  For underground automation we make a small amendment to the position of the bottom bar so do let us know if you will be using this type of automation on our gates yourselves.  We fit Came Safe gate systems which are leading automation products with a good safety and reliability record.  They have in built sensors which ensure the gates move back in the opposite direction if they come up against an obstacle.  We also offer all of our automation customers a full service contract to ensure your gates are maintained properly and have an emergency call out facility.






Type of Gate Automation

Gates are usually automated either by swinging open, as on hinges or by using a sliding mechanism.  The majority of gates use the swinging system, sliding systems are usually only used where space is a problem or the drive is particularly sloping.

The two main types of swinging automation are the above ground RAM, which pushes or pulls open the gate and is usually mounted at the back and in the middle of the gate, or an underground FROG system which is set into the drive.

The RAM is the most popular as it avoids having to excavate your driveway and can be easily maintained.  It can also be easily fitted onto existing gates and is the less expensive option of the two.

The FROG is chosen usually so that the system is virtually invisible and no bolts are required through the gate.  It is important adequate drainage is ensured when fitting these systems so that water does not accumulate in the excavation.  

We also fit sliding automation systems, where the gates run along a rail secured into the ground.  This is partcularly suitable for very wide gates as the hinges are not taking all the weight of the gate.

Our automation systems are 24V systems and we only require an outdoor plug on one side of the gates to fit them.  If you are having a double set of gates the cables will need to run from one side of the gate to the other through a conduit, whichever type of automation you choose. 

The 24-volt system can also have a battery back up. In the case of a power cut the control panel will activate the emergency mode and switch over to the auxiliary batteries.

Type of Operation

The standard operation is a remote control key fob which opens the gate.  It can be closed either with a second press of the key fob or on a timer.

Extra key Fobs are available or you can consider installing a keypad entry.  This allows you to give the number to trusted people to enter and leave the property.  An intercom will enable you to see who is at the gate and these can even be accessed via a mobile phone from abroad now!

We are happy to discuss the most suitable type of automation with you.


Installing electric gates is becoming more popular and it is important to explain that these systems are in effect a working machine and if not installed correctly do have the potential to cause serious damage and injury.  Our staff are all fully trained and ensure that all work is compliant with the Machinery Directive and health and safety recommendations as set out by the Health and Safety Executive.

During our site visit we survey access areas for risks to pedestrians and especially children of any crushing, dragging, trapping, cutting or shearing hazards. Depending on our findings we may advise extra safety equipment.  Our specialist equipment includes, force test meters to measure the force an automated gate is generating when approaching an obstruction, such as a wall, and the point at which it reverses itself. Adjustments can then be made to the gate motor so that the gate only generates a specified amount of force and reverses within a specified timeframe.

Tarmec and Croft Fencing and Gates has £5,000,000 public liability insurance which gives peace of mind that you are dealing with a professional company that takes its responsibilities seriously.

Makes of Automation

There are many different makes of automation, we normally fit CAME as it is a high quality brand with a good safety and reliability track record with good availability of spares and back up service.  Cheaper kits available via the internet can in our experience be more expensive in the long run and harder to fit than they initially suggest.

Please give us a ring if you would like a quotation for fitting automated gates in Essex, Suffolk Parts of Hertfordhire, Cambridgeshire, Kent and London on 01787 224848.