Frequently Asked Questions


Can you fit your gates as well as manufacture them? 

Yes we can fit our gates in the south east of England, further afield we can recommend local companies who can fit your gates for you. If we are fitting your gates they will be fitted by our own in house gate fitters.

Can you supply different types of timber?

We use Scandanavian Redwood for all our softwood gates as this is the most suitable, after treatment, for outdoor applications.  Our hardwood gates are normally made with Sapele, which is a stunning and very durable hardwood.  We also manufacture gates from Iroko, American White Oak and Idigbo Timber.  All timber FSC certified and is from sustainable, managed  forests.

Can you make Made to Measure Gates? 

Yes, most of our gates are made to measure, that is our main business.  We will endeavor to make most designs, if you have a particular style in mind please come in or give us a ring to discuss it.

Do you keep gates in stock?

We do have some gates in standard stock sizes, that is

3' x 6'       (900 x 1800mm)

3' x 3'       (900 x 900mm)

6' x 6'       (1830 x 1800)

and sometimes other sizes aswell.  Please give us a ring for a current list of available stock gates. 

Do you Supply Hinges and Ironmongery for your wooden gates?

Yes we hold a wide range in stock of heavy duty gate ironmongery in either a black or galvanised (silver) finish. 

Can we come and look at your gates?

Yes our workshops in Earls Colne, are open Monday to Friday 8am - 4.30pm and also usually on Saturday mornings.  Please telephone us before you come so that we can ensure someone is available to show you round. 

Do you supply gate automation? 

Yes we supply and fit high quality CAME gate automation and fit it throughout Essex, Suffolk, some parts of Hertfordshire, Cambridgeshire, Kent and London.  All of our staff are trained CAME safe gate fitters and can advise you on the most suitable automation products. Visit our gate automation page for more details.

 If I order a gate, how long will it take for it to arrive?

Our lead time for made to order gates depends on the time of year.  In the summer it is usually around 4-6 weeks and in the winter around 2-4 weeks.  Do give us a ring though to discuss your requirements, as we will always try to accommodate where possible.

Should gates be treated?

Softwood gates should always be treated.  We use a high quality Barretine treatment which prevents against rot and fungal attack as well as repelling water. Hardwoods contain natural oils and do not need treatment to be left outside, however regular retreatment will prolong their life.  Our treatment is suitable for painting over and for this reason we strongly recommend all gates are treated even if you plan to paint them.  We cannot accept any returns for gates which leave our yard untreated.

 What treatment colours are available with your gates?

Our standard colour treatments are either Golden Brown or Chestnut Brown other colours can be applied, but will be applied by hand rather than sprayed and will cost a little more depending on the treatment you want to use.  Our treatment is a spirit based high quality treatment, it is available to purchase from us in small tins, or you could buy a product from a DIY store.  We recommend retreating your gates every year, and offer a retreatment service for local customers.

Can your gates be painted?

Gates are best left in their natural finish, to maintain the natural wooden look.  Wooden gates by their nature will move in line with the weather conditions, dry out in the summer and expand in the winter.  This can cause paint to crack in the summer months and look unsightly, if water gets into the cracks it will be held there by the paint and cause rotting of the timber.

If you do decide to paint your gates a spirit based product should be used rather than a water based one.  The treatement we apply to our gates can be painted over with a spirit based paint immediately if you choose to use a water based product you should wait for at least 3 months after the gates have been manufactured and treated in our workshops.  Paint should be regularly checked for cracks and repainted quickly.  This should not be carried out if the timber is still wet as the water will then be sealed inside. Gates should completely dry when they are painted and painted on all sides, top and bottom to ensure no water can enter and remain trapped within the paintwork.  We cannot be held responsible for damages to our gates arising from incorrectly applied paint.

Do you give a written guarantee with your gates?

If timber gates are well looked after there is no reason at all why they shouldn't last ten years or much more.  We do not offer written guarantees with the gates as the small print on almost all guarantees makes them virtually pointless.  You would have to prove you had maintained them in a certain way etc, via receipts for purchase of treatment, which often has to be a certain brand. Natural splits and cracks in timber are never covered as timber is a natural product and splits and cracks may appear  at any time, this is a reaction to the ambient environment and they do not affect the stability of the product.
We recommend three coats of treatment to be applied to gates every year to keep your gates in tip top condition.  We are happy to recommend a suitable preservative treatment.  Extra tins of the high quality treatment we use, can be purchased with your gates @ £20 for a 2 litre tin + delivery, or delivered free of charge when we fit your gates or you can purchase something similar from a DIY store. 
Iron work may eventually need to be maintained against fading and rust.  We recommend using good quality covering treatments such as Hammerite which gives a longer life, as some other may flake and allow rust to get in behind the covering. 
Moving parts i.e. hinges, latches, drop bolts and locks should be well oiled to allow longer life..

In the unlikely event that we do receive a complaint about one of our products or services, you can be assured that we will thoroughly investigate the problem and make every attempt to resolve the issue to your satisfaction. 

You are welcome to come and look at our gates any time prior to purchase, if this aids your decision.


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