Decking is a versatile way to add pathways or raised areas, creating an instant extra outdoor living area for you to enjoy.

We only supply Heavy Duty Decking which is 145mm wide and is fully pressure treated.  It has grooves on one side to improve slip resistance and pressure grooves on the other side to reduce timber cupping.


Decking should be laid over a weed suppressing membrane if going over soil.  Decking is sold in lengths of 4.8m or around 15Ft. 4x2 Pressure Treated Joists are sold in the same lengths.

Decking can be teamed with raised sleeper beds or pergolas for a more bespoke solution.

We can supply and fit decking in Colchester, Braintree and Sudbury areas.  Please give us a ring on 01787 224848 for a free quotation.